Let Master Vision Tape Transfer & Duplication
“Save the Day” For You!

Save Your Wedding Day Memories

Need your wedding videotape transferred to a DVD, Blu-ray, or M-DISC? Master Vision Tape Transfer & Duplication can get the job done for you. Don’t lose the precious memories of your special day. Give us a call today!

Save those Graduation Day Memories

Graduations are huge accomplishments. If your graduation day is captured only on a VHS tape, the memory of a special milestone in your life is at risk of being lost. Contact us to get those memories transferred from a VHS to a DVD, Blu-ray, or M-DISC.

Don’t Let Vacation Memories Escape

Remember a solo trip, couple’s getaway, or family vacation forever with us! Get your vacation memories transferred from VHS to DVD, Blu-ray, or M-DISC today by giving us a call.

Anything that was worth videotaping — weddings, graduations, holidays, vacations — we can save and move to a format that works with today’s electronic devices. If you’re looking for a VHS to DVD / digital service to transfer your life’s greatest moments, CALL US…

Now Offering
Betamax Services!

Don’t Lose Your Precious Memories!

Are boxes of old videotapes collecting dust around your house? At Master Vision Tape Transfer & Duplication in Fort Mill, SC, we save the day by taking all types of video formats and transferring them to DVDs or flash drives.

What Type of Transfers Can We Do?

  • VHS tape to DVD transfers
  • 3/4-inch to DVD transfers
  • Beta SP to DVD transfers
  • DVC PRO to DVD transfers
  • Mini DV
  • We work with all types of old tape formats for video transfer

We can also convert to Blu-ray or M-DISC.

Need Multiple Copies of DVDs?

Our DVD duplication service is fast and of the highest quality. We also do audio transfer and duplication, including 8-track to CD conversion. Custom color labels are included for all of our products.

Master Vision Tape Transfer | DVD ready for transfer

Not Sure Which Option is Best For You? Give Bob a Call!

Master Vision Tape Transfer & Duplication is owned and operated by Bob Pearse. Bob is a veteran news photographer with over 50 years of experience in the broadcasting industry. A graduate of the New York Institute of Photography, he started Master Vision to help people save their lives’ best work. His goal is to deliver the highest quality work with a touch of Southern hospitality and a smile. His studio includes professional grade equipment from leading manufacturers.

Master Vision offers the flexibility that some other transfer and DVD duplication services may not. We can create as few or as many copies as you need. We keep our prices low by offering simple, straightforward services that are tailored to your individual needs.

Our Pricing Structure at Master Vision Is Simple…

All tape prices are the same no matter the format!
Tape to DVD transfer = First tape is $15
Each additional tape in same order is $10
Copies of tapes we’ve already digitized are $8

Any tape that is longer than 2 hours will have an $8 surcharge added.
Flash drive conversions are available. Flash drives are available from Master Vision.
Master Vision also offers archival solutions. Please inquire about this service.

Our business philosophy is simple… we don’t want to make a lot of money on a few customers… we want to make a little money on a lot of customers. Is that radical or what?

For questions or a project quote, call or email us today!

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What to Expect From Your New DVDs

First…let me thank you for allowing us to help you save your life-long memories.

Back in the day, 8-mm film, VHS, and other videotape formats let us capture memories as best as the technology at the time could, and that was great! Today, we have made great strides in the way we capture and view our memories.

Putting yesterday’s old formats on DVDs will not improve the quality of the original, but it will preserve it.

For best viewing of your DVD memories, Master Vision Tape Transfer & Duplication suggests you (if possible) “dumb down” your high-tech TVs and monitors to standard resolution in the 4:3 format. This way the flaws and graininess of the original will not be exaggerated by trying to stretch the images to fit today’s high-tech screens.

I hope you enjoy your new DVDs for years to come!


“I had Master Vision TT&D copy 20 of my old VHS tapes to DVDs. I am very satisfed and grateful for the great job they did of saving my valued memories so I will be able to enjoy them for years to come.”
JW – Wellsville, NY

“I asked Master Vision TT&D to Transfer old VHS tapes of my son as a baby so I could give them to him as a Christmas gift… I loved the amazing service Bob (The dir, of Master Vision) provided. It was a pleasure working with him it was also easy and hassle free…the price was great and I will be using him again!”
SB – Fort Mill, SC

“Master Vision TT&D converted my 20 year old VHS tapes to DVDs. I was very impressed with the appearance and the work director Bob did to save these memories for a long time. I think these memories are priceless to myself and friends. It will be incredibly hard to find a better price.”
WM – Lancaster, SC

“Your duplication, labeling, packaging, shipping and information management was flawless and timely with nothing but kudos from the end DVD recipients. Your flexibility and diligence allowed us to get 90 units out in “onesies-and-twosies” conveniently, efficiently and without incident.

And at a reasonable price and guarantee of satisfaction. Thanks again, MasterVision TT&D”
R.B. – Fort Mill, SC