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Let Us Help You Share Your Special Times and Precious Memories!

Whether it’s a child’s birthday, a wedding, or an anniversary celebration, memories are precious and valuable. Nothing can replace the joy of these special moments. At Master Vision Tape Transfer & Duplication we understand how important these memories are. Our tape duplication services help you share these special times through replicas of your original DVDs. We also duplicate your original audio and video tapes and CDs.

Master Vision Provides Fast Service and High Quality

Our audio and video tape duplication services are very fast and of the highest quality. For starters, our tape transfer service takes any existing tape format (including 8-track, VHS, 3/4-inch, Beta SP, DVC PRO, and 35-mm slides) and moves it over to a CD or DVD. Then we’ll make as many copies as you need. We guarantee that you’ll be pleased with the end result, as well as the speed of our services. And because we’re local, we’re able to transfer VHS to DVD near you and get your copies to you when you need them. We’ll work with your deadlines so you’ll be able to share copies of your special memories for holidays, birthdays, and other special events.

Our pricing is reasonable, too. In fact, the DVD duplication of any tapes that we’ve transferred is just $5.00. Although that price seems low, you’ll never have to worry about quality. Our owner, Bob Pearse, has over 50 years of experience in broadcasting and news photography. His studio is stocked with the best equipment. And unlike many amateur services, he knows how to get the very best results. He takes great care to preserve your original tapes while completing all transfer and tape duplication services. Call Master Vision for your tape duplication needs!

It’s About Doing it Right

It may seem like DVD duplication is something you can do on your own. But reproducing high-quality copies of these precious memories is a little different from the mixtapes you may have copied many years ago.

It all begins with the equipment. We use professional-grade systems that give you a better end result than what you could do yourself. Plus, we know how to identify potential issues with your existing media so we can clean things up and preserve them as best as we possibly can.

Why Should You Choose Our Service?

If you have old VHS videotapes lying around of your family’s precious memories, preserve them now before it’s too late. Master Vision Tape Transfer & Duplication specializes in VHS duplication and VHS transfer. Our experts have the equipment and know-how to save your video at the highest quality possible, then transfer it to a long-lasting DVD. Make copies for your friends and loved ones while you’re at it. You’ll be surprised at how affordable it is to create a priceless gift.

You can rest assured that your duplicated CDs and DVDs will look and sound great. They’ll provide enjoyment to all for years to come.

Call Master Vision today to transfer VHS to DVD near you!

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