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If Your Video Tapes Haven’t Been Played In a Long Time, They May Be in Danger.

Master Vision Tape Transfer & Duplication preserves old audio files and videos. Over time, tapes can degrade, meaning those special and precious memories are lost forever. But that’s not the way it has to be. Master Vision Tape Transfer & Duplication of Fort Mill, SC is here to save the day! With our tape transfer services, we move your memories from VHS to DVD, giving you quality and personal attention that you can’t get from national providers.

Master Vision Provides The Very Best Tape Transfer Services

At Master Vision, we’ll take audio and video content and transfer it onto CDs or DVDs. It doesn’t matter what type of originals you have. We work with VHS tapes, 3/4 inch, Beta SP, DVC PRO, and 35-mm slides. We’ll transfer them into a format that works with today’s electronic devices. We can also make any number of copies you want through our tape duplication service. Our goal is to process and reformat all of your recorded tapes using only the very best tools and media. Your memories will be transformed from old, decaying tapes into new, secure, long-lasting formats.

Master Vision provides the very best tape transfer services in the Fort Mill, Rock Hill, and Indian Land, SC area. Our founder, Bob Pearse, has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry. He values each customer and the memories you want to preserve. He also respects your time. You’ll get your completed DVDs and CDs on time, ready for special occasions or gift giving. He also strives to provide services that are affordable. Our overhead is low so we can give you the best possible pricing on every project. Call Master Vision for your tape transfer needs!

It’s About Memory Preservation

When VHS tapes were first introduced, they were the best way to preserve your memories on video. But just like any other technology, they were replaced by better alternatives, including DVDs. You may think the old tapes you have are fine just as they are. However, there’s one important reason to consider VHS to DVD conversion.

You see, VHS tapes degrade over time. Some estimates say that the tapes break down between 10 and 20 percent every year. That means if your tapes are over five years old (and most are), you’re at risk of losing the precious recordings of weddings, birthdays, vacations, anniversaries, performances, and other milestones in the life of your family. VHS to DVD conversion will preserve your memories for much longer.

Why Should You Choose Our Service?

Technology is changing all the time. Over the years, it’s become easier and more affordable to transfer your old tapes to DVD. Recently, you may have seen online services or big box stores offering these services. So why should you work with Master Vision Tape Transfer & Duplication?

For starters, our prices are very affordable. We’ll transfer your first tape, regardless of format, for only $12. Every tape after that is only $8 each. Built into that price is our personal service. When you do business with us, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that a true professional is handling your tapes. Bob knows how important these memories are to your family and he takes every precaution to preserve them to the fullest. You won’t get that from a mass market tape transfer company.

But even more important is the range of video transfer services we offer. We have the equipment and expertise to take many different formats and move them to a high quality, long lasting DVD. Bring us your old VHS tapes, 35-mm slides, Beta SP, 3/4 inch, or DVC PRO. We’ll transfer your memories to a new format that you can share and enjoy for years to come.

Above all else, you can trust us with your precious memories. Experience, equipment, and guaranteed quality are the three most important things you should look for when choosing a tape transfer company. At Master Vision Tape Transfer & Duplication, we’ve got you covered. There’s simply no one else in our area who can provide the same level of service we can. Even more importantly, your materials will never leave our property. Other services will mail your tapes to facilities in other states—or other countries. You’ll never have to worry about that when you work with us. We’ll take care of your videos as if the memories on them were our own.

Our experience also sets us apart from our competitors. It’s highly unlikely that anyone working for an online tape transfer service has the five decades of experience in the industry that our owner has. A video transfer service’s expertise is one of the top things that should factor in your decision. Choosing an inexperienced company could give you poor results—or damage your precious memories. Don’t take a chance with something so important.

And you don’t just have to take our word for it. We’ve served hundreds of satisfied customers over the years. We’re happy to connect prospective customers with people who have used our services in the past. Their reviews will speak for themselves. It’s just another reason why it pays to do business with a local company you can trust—Master Vision Tape Transfer & Duplication.

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Common Media Formats We Transfer

Our experience in the video industry means we’re able to handle just about any type of media you provide. Here are some of the most common formats we work with:

  • VHS tapes: VHS tapes were very popular in the 1980s and 1990s. If you’ve still got a collection of home movies on VHS, you may be disappointed if you try to pop them in the VCR. VHS tape quality degrades over time because of their magnetic tape and how they react to sunlight and humidity. Bring them to Master Vision Tape Transfer & Duplication and let us save your memories.
  • 35-mm slides: Do you have boxes of 35-mm slides that go back a generation or two—but not the projector? By converting your slides to digital, you’ll be able to view them whenever you wish—and share them with those you love. This makes a great keepsake gift, too!
  • Beta SP: At the time it was introduced, Beta SP provided a huge improvement in video quality and recording time. If you have tapes in this format, convert them to DVD so you can preserve them for years to come.
  • 3/4 inch
  • Mini DV
  • Betamax:  VHS may have ultimately won the race against Betamax, but you still want to preserve your old Betamax memories, right? We can convert those cassette tapes to digital, too, so you can revisit those favorite memories anytime.